Originally designed as a 14 day challenge this self-study course has 14 powerful teachings of about 5-20 minutes each in a private Telegram group.

This course teaches you the basics of mindset and manifestation techniques.

If you are unhappy, unfulfilled or have areas in your life where you are struggling?

Your thoughts are at the root of what you are experiencing right now.

In this course you'll receive powerful routines that help you to permanently change your thoughts and design the life you want.

Just a few subjects:

  • Challenging your thoughts
  • Designing your self-concept
  • The difference between a reactor and creator
  • Inner conversations
  • And many, many more

You can go through the course at your own pace and you keep access for a year.

If you want me by your side to coach you during the challenge, you can add 30 minutes of Voxer support. I'll coach you with powerful voicemessages (and only my spoken time counts).