Your life is YOUR creation

Start creating it consciously!

The thing that's preventing you from experiencing your power and living the life of your dreams?

Not fully implementing the principles of 'The Creation Process*'.

It comes down to aligning your thoughts, feelings and actions with your desires. And all of this is 100% within your control (you just need to know how...).

Do you want to step into you power and consciously create and attract what you truly want?

You've come to the right place!

  • Learn practical mindset & manifestation techniques (only the stuff that actually works)
  • Learn exactly how to use your mind consciously (this is where the real magic takes place)
  • Work on your inner self and create huge results in your life (truly liberating!)

Don't let your old you hold you back any longer. Tap into your power and create the life you truly want and deserve!

*Sign up for a free 15 minute video explanation of The Creation Process. If you are like me, you'ld wish they had taught you this at school.

Hi, I'm Andrea

Growing up I often felt powerless, and I was clueless how to change my reality. I had become a prisoner of my own mind and at the same time I had an intense desire to be free.

My journey to find inner freedom started and for over 20 years I dove deep into mindset work. I learned how our brain works, how to reprogram limiting beliefs, experienced the power of energy work and manifestation techniques.

My life changed most when I got the complete picture and started to consciously apply the principles of The Creation Process (Sooo valuable!)

Now I love to teach and facilitate you to free your mind too, but in way less time ;-)


Mindset Course (self-study):
14 audio-sessions around using your mind consciously. Practical daily teachings, powerful routines and doable tasks that will free your mind and shift your results quickly. €22,-

Mindset & Manifestation Mastery:
(Starting July 2023)
A 5 week in depth self study course that teaches you exactly how to use every step of The Creation Process to tap into your power and create the life you want. €222,-

Strategy Session:
In this online session that will be recorded for you, you'll get crystal clear on your goal, uplevel your mindset AND get personalized strategies and advice. On top of that you get 1:1 access to me for a month AND The Mindset Course (value €22,-). €222,-

Private Coaching:
3-6 months of coaching with a mixture of 1:1 sessions and Voxer support. The focus is on reprogramming your mind with PSYCH-K® to let go of stress and build a supportive mindset with helpful core beliefs. Starting at €555,- for 3 months.

1:1 coaching is available in both English and Dutch.

For inquiries you can always email me at

Life is not about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself”

Get to know The Creation Process and start using it to your advantage!

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